Best Choice Products Black 500W Treadmill

Working out becomes a hassle when you need to plan hours in advance for it. Unfortunately, gyms make working out a drag since not all of them are open 24/7. Even if you go to a gym, that doesn’t mean the machines you want are available that day. Waiting in line to use a machine is a waste of your time.

More and more people are switching from paying for gym memberships to paying for in-home gym machines. If you are thinking about making your own in-home gym, you will save money in the long run.

Running is a staple part of everyone’s fitness regime. It makes sense as to why treadmill sales are continuously increasing as time goes by.

Best Choice Products Folding Portable Treadmill

Having a treadmill isn’t necessary for you to run, but it does make running enjoyable. Plus, weather becomes irrelevant when you have an in-home treadmill.

Best Choice Products manufactures an excellent performing cardio machine at a very low cost. They don’t make only treadmills but other in-home gym equipment as well. Their treadmill is one of their highest demanded products.

Below is a detailed review on the Best Choice Products Black 500W Treadmill.

About The Product

Having a treadmill at home is convenient when you have a busy life. The Best Choice Treadmill will turn your home into a gym where you have access 24/7. The biggest perk of buying a Best Choice Treadmill is the money and time you will save.


  • LED Screen
  • 500W Motor
  • ​Safety stop key
  • ​Foam covered handrails
  • ​Folding mechanism & Wheels
  • Weight limit: 250 pounds

For those who need an in-home treadmill, entry-level models are a sure way to get the most bang for your buck. The Best Choice Treadmill is considered to be an entry-level treadmill based on its specs.

The treadmill comes with a 500W motor that supplies enough energy for easy running. You have the option to choose from 0-10 miles per hour. The maximum setting is sufficient for a brisk jog according to buyers.

The 500W motor is also responsible for the low sounding quality of the Best Choice Treadmill. You can easily place the treadmill anywhere in your home without bothering your children or your neighbors.


Due to the treadmill’s simple design, the setup process is extremely quick. Buyers state that it takes about 10 minutes to set the whole treadmill up.

Best Choice Products Treadmill

Additional Features

Small design details normally go unnoticed when it comes to treadmills. Best Choice Products paid attention to every aspect of their machine. This is evident when you take a look at the handrails. The handrails are covered with foam to promote safety and comfort. Studies have shown that foamed handrails improve your balance on the treadmill.

Portability & Accessibility

Living in a cramped home shouldn’t discourage you from buying a treadmill. Best Choice Products specifically designed the machine so you can place it anywhere in your home. The treadmill’s space saving design makes it popular on the market.

You save space because of the treadmill’s folding mechanism and wheels. You can easily fold down the treadmill and use the rolling wheels to place it in your designated area. After you are done with your run all you have to do is fold and roll.

The treadmill’s compact design explains its weight limit. People up to 250 pounds can run on the Best Choice Treadmill, which is a fairly high weight compared to other entry-level treadmills. The treadmill’s heavy duty construction helps to maintain a higher weight threshold, which is better for you.

Best Choice designed the treadmill for optimal in-home use. They included a LED screen to promote a easy to use buyer experience. The LED screen keeps track of time, distance, speed, calories burned. These are all essential information you need to keep track of in order to improve your physical health.

For added convenience, Best Choice included cup holders on the sides of the LED screen. You can easily place your drink without the fear of it falling on the treadmill.

In case you haven’t noticed, the Best Choice Treadmill does not have any incline options. For a runner who doesn’t require variety, you will thoroughly enjoy this treadmill.

Insider Thoughts

Based on positive buyer reviews, the Best Choice Treadmill is an ideal purchase for those who want to add a bit of running to their daily lives.

One complaint buyers had was that the treadmill did not have an incline function. Treadmills without incline functions limit the user. You cannot add any variety to your fitness regime. Once you step on the Best Choice Treadmill, the speed is the only thing that varies.

Buyers also commented on the treadmill’s small running surface. For those with short legs, this treadmill is the one for you. A small running surface also means that you can’t run on full speed without getting hurt. You will most likely slip and hurt yourself. Make sure the treadmill’s dimensions correlate to your body.

Buyer Advice

The Best Choice Treadmill is the prime option if you are low on cash. For under $200, this treadmill could be delivered to your door. Since setting up the machine is a simple process, you have nothing to lose when you make this purchase.

Best Choice Products Treadmill

Buyers recommend ordering the Best Choice Treadmill via Amazon. The online retailer features reviews from verified buyers who will be as detailed with their reviews as possible. Some buyers even post photos so you get a better picture of what you’re buying.

Normally, shipping costs are the worst when ordering a package this big. Amazon offers free shipping when you order a Best Choice Treadmill. Amazon also offers expert assembly for under $100, but it’s not necessary.

My Verdict

I would highly recommend taking the initiative and order the Best Choice Treadmill today. The portability, convenience, and sturdiness qualify the treadmill as a worthy investment.

If you are want a budget friendly treadmill, Best Choice Products is the manufacturer to trust. The Best Choice mission is to provide high-quality gym equipment at low costs.

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