Best Choice Products Portable Treadmill

Starting an in-home gym can be expensive if you don’t know what you require from your gym. What about your health are you trying to improve? Running is a sure way to improve cardiovascular health, so a treadmill is a staple product in a gym.

Don’t let a treadmill’s price tag deter you from taking steps to enhance your health. Best Choice Fitness is known for making cheap gym machines that function well.

In fact, Best Choice Fitness designed a non-electric treadmill that you won’t see in your everyday gym. Since the treadmill is non-electric, it costs a lot less to function and maintain.

Best Choice Products Portable Treadmill

Below is a detailed review on the Best Choice Fitness Treadmill.

About The Product

For those who can’t squeeze going to the gym as part of their daily schedule, the Best Choice Portable Folding Treadmill is your solution. Exercising at home is the best way to enjoy staying in shape. With the Best Choice Treadmill, you’ll look forward to working out at home.


  • 40 inch by 14-inch flywheel
  • Two AA Batteries: Included
  • No electric outlet or motor
  • LCD Screen
  • 200-pound weight limit

Treadmills don’t always require an electric outlet to work. Best Choice designed a treadmill that doesn't run on electricity, which keeps down power costs at home. All you need are two AA batteries to get the treadmill’s additional features to work. The non-electric feature will save you money by the end of the year.

You may be wondering how a treadmill functions if it doesn’t need an electric outlet? The treadmill doesn’t have a motor, so there’s no power source to start it. The only way to get the treadmill running is to start running on it. Best Choice designed a flywheel with a 40 inch by a 14-inch runway that is enough. You would be using your force to get the treadmill in motion.

Just because the Best Choice Treadmill isn’t run on electricity doesn’t mean that it is archaic. In fact, the treadmill comes with an LCD monitor display. The display becomes useful when you have a fitness journal. During every workout session, the LCD monitor keeps track of distance, time, and the amount of calories burned. After a run, all you have to do is jot down the information on the LCD monitor.

Best Choice Products Portable Treadmill Features

On top of having the LCD screen, the Best Choice Treadmill also comes with two incline options. Varying your incline levels is important if you’re looking to make any progress in your running stamina. The treadmill is ideal for someone who is starting to run regularly. After a while, the two incline levels won’t suffice.

Best Choice designed an extremely safe treadmill by incorporating no electricity. There's no need for a power cord your child can harm themselves on. Other treadmills all have safety notices that emphasize not letting kids within reach of the product.

The Best Choice Treadmill will function a certain group of people based on its weight limit. The treadmill has a weight capacity of around 200 pounds. Compared to other residential treadmills, the weight limit is very low. The treadmill’s lightweight feature will come in handy if you plan on moving the treadmill around the home.

The treadmill also comes with a folding mechanism that makes storage effortless. The two small wheels make transporting the treadmill from one room to the other as simple as rolling a suitcase. You can easily fit the treadmill underneath your bed and bring it out when you are ready to run.

Insider Thoughts

Based on positive buyer reviews, the Best Choice Treadmill works well with people who don’t need a high-functioning machine. The lack of features turns off a lot of potential buyers, but don’t expect much from the treadmill itself.

There is a setup process involved that takes about 20 minutes. You will have to use some tools to get the treadmill working, but that’s to be expected. No buyer complained about the setup process.

The narrowness of the treadmill makes it ideal for those with short legs. This also correlates with the treadmill’s 200-pound weight limit. For the short people out there, Best Choice Treadmill is designed with you in mind.

Some buyers recommend getting oil, so the treadmill runs smoothly. A little bit of oil will make a positive difference in how the treadmill functions.

Buyers rave about how the Best Choice Treadmill virtually makes no sound. You won’t have to worry about disrupting your neighbors. This means you can run in peace in the confines of your home. A gym can’t offer you a piece of mind.

Buyer Advice

For under $100, the Best Choice Treadmill will save you money in the long run. In fact, most buyers were pleased with their product because of its low price. Treadmills normally cost anywhere in between a couple of hundred to thousands of dollars.

Best Choice Products Portable Folding Treadmill

This isn’t a treadmill you’ll find in the gym, but don’t let that discourage you from buying it. Imagine the money you would save making your very own in-home gym with a treadmill that is a fraction of the cost of commercial treadmills.

Buyers recommend buying the Best Choice Treadmill on Amazon. The online retailer incorporates verified buyer reviews, so you know what you’ll be purchasing. In fact, Amazon gives you a better deal on the shipping costs than competing retailers. Shipping is completely free when you order via Amazon.

Even though Amazon offers expert assembly, the additional cost isn’t necessary. Based on buyer reviews, you can easily setup the treadmill by yourself.

My Verdict

I would highly recommend buying the Best Choice Fitness Treadmill because it will improve your health on top of saving you money. Best Choice Fitness understands that staying in shape shouldn’t be expensive.

This treadmill would be a one-time purchase for long time use. Even though it lacks advanced features, the two incline options suffice for an entry-level treadmill.

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