Confidence Power Trac Pro Treadmill

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is especially difficult when you drudge going to the gym. Having a gym membership is a luxury, but there are ways to be smarter about your fitness regime. You can still save money and workout every day.

One way to stay fit and keep expenses small is buying your very own treadmill. The treadmill is one of the most popular machines at the gym for a reason. Running targets muscle groups that usually need toning. So, having a treadmill at home is a sure way to tone your legs and save money.

People have the misconception that treadmills cost thousands of dollars. The treadmills you use at gyms cost thousands of dollars, but in-home treadmills cost a fraction of that price.

Confidence Power Trac Pro Treadmill

Commercial treadmills are usually of higher quality than that of residential treadmills. For a person who needs an entry-level treadmill, commercial ones are a waste of money. You don’t need all the additional features if you don't use them.

Confidence Fitness prides itself in selling basic treadmills for 70% off the normal retail price. A Confidence Fitness manufactured treadmill, Power Trac Pro 735W , is the safest choice to make if you are a beginner to buying treadmills.

Below is a detailed review on the Power Trac Pro 735W.

About The Product

Confidence designed the Power Trac Pro 735W with affordability and convenience in mind. Buyers all agree that the Power Trac Pro is a durable piece of fitness equipment that suits a person looking to begin a daily cardio regime.


  • 12 pre-loaded workout programs
  • Speed Range: 0-6.2 mph
  • ​Four pre-set speeds: 1.86, 3, 4.9, & 6.2 mph
  • ​LED display shows: speed, distance, time, calories
  • ​Three Adjustable incline levels: 5, 3.5, & 2 degrees
  • Motor Power: 600W

If you are looking for a treadmill to run at fast speeds, the Power Trac Pro 735W won’t cut it. The highest speed the treadmill run at is 6.2 mph, which is low compared to commercial treadmills. The 600W motor is too small to power a treadmill to go at faster speeds.

For the individual who needs a basic treadmill, a smaller motor won’t hinder your workout sessions. A smaller motor means that there are fewer ways you can personalize the treadmill to suit your workout needs.

For added convenience, the Power Trac comes with four pre-set speeds that get the treadmill running in a matter of seconds. If you want a rigorous workout, you have three incline levels to choose from. Compared to other treadmills, the Power Trac offers less at a price that correlates.

The Power Trac also comes with 12 preloaded workout programs to aid you during a jog. Sometimes you need varying levels of intensity to get the most out of your run.

Even though the Power Trac Pro 735W is the simplest treadmill you can buy, it does come with its perks. Staying on top of your health is important if you are following a strict fitness regime. With the Power Trac Pro, you have the option to monitor your fitness based on information the treadmill keeps track of while you run.

Additional Features

The treadmill comes with a bright, easy to use LED display screen that makes having access to your personal health information a breeze. The screen shows the amount of calories burned, average speed, distance, and time spent on a run. You can jot down this information after a workout session to keep careful track of your fitness progression.

Confidence Treadmill

An in-home treadmill requires enough space to properly function. If you live in a cramped apartment, you may find buying the Power Trac a waste of money. A waste of your money would be spending hundred on countless gym memberships.

The Power Trac is ideal for those who don’t have enough space in their home for a fully functioning treadmill. Most treadmills are too large to accommodate small homes. The Power Trac Pro 735W’s foldable design makes it perfect to easily store the treadmill away after you’re done with your run.

The lackluster running performance of the Power Trac is due to the size of the treadmill. The 14 inch by 39-inch running surface provides enough room to run on slowly. This treadmill functions well if you’re looking for a machine to walk or jog on. Extensive running will cause damage, which is difficult to repair on your own.

Insider Thoughts

The Power Trac Pro 735W is an adequate entry-level treadmill if you’re looking to start being healthy.

Every treadmill has a certain feature that makes the price tag worth it.

Buyers rave about the Power Trac’s incline feature. For a treadmill in this price range, incline features are hard to come by. The Power Trac Pro 735W comes with three incline options. This means the machine is simple yet practical.

As noted above, some buyers were dissatisfied with the treadmill’s limited amount of space to run on. You shouldn’t expect to go on sprints with the Power Trac Pro. However, this complaint doesn’t deter people from buying the machine.

Buyer Advice

Buyers are thoroughly enjoyed with their Confidence Power Trac Pro 735W because of the price they pay. For under $220 you can own an in-home treadmill. Sometimes gym memberships cost more than that a month, especially if you calculate the need for a personal trainer.

Confidence Power Trac Pro Treadmill

Buyers recommend ordering the Power Trac Pro via Amazon because of the online retailer's reliability and delivery service. Amazon sells authentic Confidence Fitness products, so you’ll be receiving your items straight from the source.

Since the package the treadmill comes in weighs well over 300 pounds, it’s suggested to have more than one person help with the setup. Once the setup is over with, moving the treadmill around is a simple task.

Keep in mind that the Power Trac Pro does not come with a warranty. You will have to handle any product defects that may arise. A low percentage of buyers have reported receiving a defective machine so that it won’t be an issue.

My Verdict

If you want a treadmill that’s simple yet practical, the Power Trac Pro 735W will suffice. Don’t let the treadmill’s lack of options deter you from buying it. A treadmill with fewer features ensures a lower price. For those with a tight budget, the Power Trac Pro 735W is the answer.

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