The Ultimate Guide To Buying Treadmill Accessories

Treadmill accessories can make or break your treadmill. Understanding specific needs for each accessory is important. For instance, buying treadmill lubricant helps when your treadmill starts to wane in riding quality. Keeping a set of accessories in your arsenal help when unexpected emergencies arise.

While it is a complicated process, getting the right treadmill accessory expands your treadmill’s lifespan. Shoppers often forget the needed accessories associated with the treadmill. This leads them into breaking their treadmill after months of usage. We suggest you take care of your treadmill for the long run.

Treadmill Accessories

The best treadmill accessories are not hard to find. Research what your treadmill needs. Ask yourself “Does it need lubricants?”, “Do I need a safety key?”. Asking these questions ensure that your accessories will add on to your treadmill.

We give information to help you make a rational decision. Also, we compile information from verified sources to remove bias. In addition, we use customer reviews to ensure that you’re getting the most information needed. You’ll be confident in getting making a purchase by the end of this article.

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How Long Do You Do Treadmills Last?

This is a common question that customers like to ask. Longevity is the main quality that is searched for when purchasing a treadmill. On average, a good treadmill lasts for over 3 years. Depending on the intensity of your exercise, the treadmill might last for 1.5 years.

Another factor that is taken in consideration in your treadmill is the durability. For instance, the quality of your treadmill’s materials decides whether it will break or last. Cheaper treadmills last for short periods because of a lack of materials.

Warranties is an important feature when getting a good treadmill. If the company is reputable, the warranty will reflect it. While there are good treadmills without warranty, you are putting yourself at risk. Make sure you get a warranty to ensure that your treadmill can be fixed if it breaks.

Where Can I Buy A Treadmill Safety Key?

Most shoppers ask the common question, “Where can i buy a treadmill safety key?”.

Treadmill Safety Key

The correct answer is “It depends”

Safety keys are like surge protectors to treadmills. When in use, it turns off the treadmill and discontinues it from further action. This is useful because it prevents the user from injuring themselves. Thus, we suggest getting a treadmill safety key to ensure that you exercise safely.

Not all safety keys are made equal. Some of them grant access to certain treadmill brands. Check to see if the safety key replacement you are looking for is compatible with your treadmill. This makes you an informed buyer. Understanding your safety key grants the most utility out of this treadmill accessory.

Buying a treadmill safety key isn’t difficult. When shopping online, look for reputable sellers. Don’t make the mistake of buying off third-party sites. Shoppers make the mistake of buying from these sites, leading into them not receiving their accessories.

Price Introduction

Price is an important factor in determining what you want out of a treadmill. Setting up a budget helps when getting a treadmill of your liking. We recommend buying treadmills that offer the most value in relation to your budget.

Luckily, treadmill accessories are inexpensive. You can find high quality accessories under $100. While the accessories are cheap, the value they provide gives a lot more than the price advertised. Because of this, invest in the accessories to enhance your riding experience.

Our Top Recommendations

ProImpact Treadmill Mat

Tehnical Specs

  • Resistant to Curling
  • Durable
  • ​Constructed out of Rescued Tires
  • “Super Green” Environment Friendly Mat


Beginning our list is the proimpact treadmill mat. This treadmill mat is known for its usage across professional gyms, health clubs and sports teams. It is used for various uses such as sprint and marathon training. The mat is good for those wanting an affordable and useful treadmill mat.

The main advantage consumers praised this mat for was its durability. On average, the mat lasts for over 4 years before seeing signs of decay. It’s designed to be “Super Green”, meaning that it’s made of 100% natural material. This mat might be a good choice for those wanting something to last for the long-term.

Treadmill Mat

Based on its performance, the mat is strong in providing support. It’s soft, so users don’t have to worry about hurting their joints when using the mat. The mat absorbs vibration which makes it easier for intense workouts.

But, users across the board disliked the odor of the mat. It gives off an off-gas smell that makes it awkward to work out on. While the odor is a small trade off the mat but it’s still usable. If you sweat a lot, the mat might not be ideal for you.

This mat is one of the best treadmill mat in the market. It’s made of recycled materials and recycled tires. In fact, the mat is designed to reduce curling, or compression like other mats. While it gives off an odorous smell, it only lasts for a few days. Overall, it’s a sturdy mat that is usable for all sorts of exercise.

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LifeSpan 100% Silicone Treadmill Belt Lubricant

Tehnical Specs

  • Universal pump spray
  • Reduces friction between deck and the belt
  • ​No odor, distillates, or propellants
  • Made of pure silicone


Up next is the LifeSpan 100% Silicone Treadmill Belt Lubricant. The treadmill belt lubricant is made consists of pure silicone. It contains no odor or propellants that could cause harm to your treadmill. Mainly, this lubricant is great if you need to revive your treadmill back to working condition.

One advantage users like about this lubricant is its results. When sprayed under the treadmill, it improves the ride quality within seconds.

LifeSpan 100% Silicone Treadmill Belt Lubricant

Another thing consumers liked was the lack of odor. Most lubrication for treadmills belts give off an odor that smells for an extended period. But, users stated that this lubricant worked without any issues regarding the smell. For people with allergies, this lubricant offers a safe alternative.

Consumers complained about the complications when using the lubricant. Shoppers noticed that their hands slipping off once using it. This complication then leads to the user making a small mess when cleaning their treadmill. Make sure to use the lubricant carefully to achieve the best results.

The Lifespan 100% Silicone Treadmill Belt Lubricant is one of the best lubricant for treadmill belts. Once sprayed, it places the treadmill back to its regular operation. The only complaint is its messiness when using it for the first time. Overall, the treadmills lubricant grants results when cleaning your treadmill.

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Rubber Cal Treadmill Mat

Tehnical Specs

  • 100% Recycled Rubber
  • Durable Enough to Handle Tough Environments
  • ​Vibration Absorbance
  • Offers Shock Slip, Anti- Absorption, and Impact Protection


The Rubber Cal Treadmill Mat is designed to protect the treadmill for harsh environments. It’s made of recycled rubber which helps it remain durable through exercises. When used, the treadmill absorbs the impact that could damage the user. This treadmills mat is ideal for those wanting something that lasts.

Its main advantage lies in its versatility. Most mats for treadmills attract dust when used in areas outside the gym. When using the treadmill mat on carpets, it shows no sign of attracting dust. This is one of the few treadmill accessories that can be used virtually anywhere.

Treadmill Mat

Consumers also praised the treadmill mat for its ease of use. Users found the treadmill easy to clean when issues started to occur. Simply apply treadmill lubricant and it will work as good as new. Because of its easy clean up, it requires minimal maintenance to keep it working.

However, people complained that it’s too lightweight. The treadmill mat begins to shift once you begin to run on it. This leads to an uncomfortable experience for the user who needs something sturdy when exercising. Due to the lightweight material, this treadmill might cause accidental slips when in use.

Despite its small issues the treadmill mat still is useful. It’s able to be used in different types of floors without losing quality. But, its lightweight material might be a turn off for those wanting something that remains stable. Basically, it’s a treadmill accessory that enhances the experience when worked properly.

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Gympak PVC Treadmill Equipment Mat

Tehnical Specs

  • Made of high-quality PVC material
  • Reduces vibration
  • ​Surface Protection
  • Anti-Carpet Bleeding


Next on our list is the Gympak PVC Treadmill Equipment Mat. This treadmill mat is constructed out of PVC material. The PVC material allows the user to run on the treadmill without issues occurring. Due to its anti-carpet bleeding, it’s a perfect choice for those wanting a treadmill mat in their home.

The treadmill is great for noise reduction. Some treadmills echo when in use which disturbs the user while they run. This treadmill mat comes with a vibration reduction feature that lessens the sound when in use. Thus, making it ideal for those living in apartments and homes.

Treadmill Equipment Mat

Another feature that shoppers liked is the sturdy design. The treadmill shows small indent marks after a month of use. After a week, the marks begin to fade away. It helps users when they engage in intense activities while on the treadmill. Due to its sturdiness, the mat lasts a long time before needing a replacement.

Shoppers dislike the smell that comes from the mat. However, the smell lasts for a few days after opening. To fix this issue we suggest placing the mat somewhere to release the gassy odor coming from it.

We believe the Gympak PVC Treadmill Equipment Mat does a great job. It reduces noise, making it a relaxing exercise for the user. While the mat gives a weird smell at first, it lasts for a short period. This treadmill mat is great for those wanting something that can handle their intense exercise.

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Treadmill Safety Key - Fits Many Models – Replacement

Tehnical Specs

  • Helps Prevent Injury
  • Good Replacement for lost Treadmill Keys
  • Clips to any type of clothing


Last on our list is the Treadmill Safety Key Replacement. It acts as a universal treadmill safety key for various treadmills. To make it work, place it in the middle of the treadmill’s interface. After that, the key begins to act as a surge protector for treadmills.

Treadmill Safety Key - Fits Many Models

The key’s main advantage lies in its responsiveness. When users ride the treadmill, the key is used like an emergency brake. The key immediately stops the treadmill from proceeding once pressed. For users wanting something to prevent injury, this might be an ideal product for you.

But, this treadmill safety key lacks all-around compatibility. Shoppers from across the board complained that the key did not work for their specific treadmill. We suggest checking your treadmill to see if it is compatible with this key.

This safety key for treadmills grants a myriad of benefits. For instance, it protects the user from injury by stopping the treadmill instantly. While it isn’t compatible for all treadmills the key still works as advertised.

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The Verdict

The winner of this treadmill accessories review is the Gympak PVC Treadmill Equipment Mat. It offers a durable mat that prevents noise and echoes. In addition, it remains sturdy even through the toughest conditions. For those wanting a high-quality treadmill mat, this one is a definite keeper.

We believe that the market for treadmills are going to improve in the next years. Technology is becoming more popular in modern treadmills. It helps them cater to the user’s needs and improve their performance. Overall, the future of the treadmill market seems right.

What’s your experience with treadmill accessories?

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