Treadmill VS Exercise Bike VS Elliptical

There are many ways to get a good cardio workout done. You can go out for a jog, you can take a bike ride, you can hike up a mountain, or you can go rock climbing. All of these activities are excellent for exercising your heart and your cardiovascular system and certain other muscular groups.

Cardio exercise is the most important form of exercise you can do if you wish to improve your overall health. Cardio greatly reduces your risk of heart disease and stroke. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the developed world, so you know it is not to be taken lightly, and if regular exercise can help keep it at bay, then it is quite simply a good decision to take care of your body.


The difficulty in getting these forms of exercise done is that it takes quite a bit of effort and time to be able to accomplish one if not more of these in a day. Sure, you can go for a run and a bike ride, but it becomes far more difficult when you have a busy schedule that you need to keep up with.

Running On Treadmill

This is where going to the gym comes in very handy. If your gym is located close to your home, you can easily take a 10-15 minute trip to get there and you will have almost every form of exercise you can dream of available at your disposal. Whether you prefer to lift weights, increase your flexibility or do cardio exercise, you will very likely find a way to work on your prefered form of exercise at your gym.

If you are trying to do a cardio workout at the gym, you will have three main types of machines at your disposal, these machines are the treadmill, the elliptical and the exercise bike. In this challenge of elliptical vs treadmill vs stationary bike, many people wonder which of the three options gives you the best muscle tone, weight loss and a host of other characteristics.

Before we get into the details, let’s just give a quick rundown of each of these machines and what they do. We will be comparing the treadmill vs elliptical vs bike.

Elliptical VS Treadmill

The elliptical is similar to the treadmill in that it exercises your leg muscles and your cardiovascular system, but they accomplish this in different ways.

Elliptical VS Treadmill

The elliptical essentially gives you the same workout as climbing stairs without the same amount of pressure on your knee joints, giving you a way to reap the benefits of stair climbing exercise without the negative aspects.

A treadmill consists of a belt which is either run by a motor or a flywheel and your own weight. You simply run on the movable belt for the distance and time that you wish or until you reach a caloric goal.

Elliptical VS Treadmill Weight Loss

When it comes to elliptical vs treadmill calories, it is a close competition, but the elliptical, for a workout of roughly the same intensity and effort, will burn on average 60-100 more calories than the treadmill, which may not seem like much, but it is still a somewhat considerable difference.

This is due to the manner in which the elliptical exercises more muscles at a time than the treadmill, but if you put your treadmill on an incline, this may change. This also has to do with the elliptical vs treadmill cardio health benefits. For the matter of elliptical vs treadmill calories burned, the elliptical wins out.

Treadmill VS Bike

In terms of the elliptical bike vs treadmill, the bike is a stationary bike with weighted pedals that are made to replicate the experience and resistance of pedaling a real bike. This is an excellent leg exercise in addition to the cardio benefits you will reap from the workout.

Treadmill VS Bike

When compared to the treadmill, the exercise bike works out more muscle groups in a more intense manner. Find out more on ExerciseRig blog.

Stationary Bike VS Treadmill For Weight Loss

In this aspect of the treadmill vs recumbent bike, the bike wins out due to having an average of 100-200 more calories burn per workout than the treadmill.

You must take into account, however that the exercise on the bike works out a lot more muscles that we do not usually use when walking, so if you are not an experienced biker, you may have a harder time losing weight on the exercise bike than the treadmill.

This is why it is important to focus on more than just calories burned when it comes to exercise, you must also realize that the difficulty of the workout plays a very large part in whether or not you will end up losing more weight in choosing your exercise bike vs treadmill.


When it comes to the argument of treadmill vs exercise bike vs elliptical, there will always be people who are vocal about their side over others, because they prefer a certain type of workout. If we are going to be honest, the number of calories you burn per hour is not as important as the level of comfort you have doing your workout.

Gym Training On Treadmill

If you are burning a large number of calories but your workout is demoralizing you and making you want to quit, then you will very likely not attain your weight loss objective. You must enjoy your exercise, not treat it as work. So the answer to the age old question of treadmill vs exercise bike vs elliptical honestly lies more in personal preference than anything else.

After all, a cyclist would certainly prefer an exercise bike over an elliptical, and a jogger would prefer a treadmill over an exercise bike, it is a simple question of comfort with your workout.