10 Exercise Bike Benefits to Get You Cycling Today

You may be wondering why there’s so much hype around exercise bike for fitness and weight loss. Who needs one anyway? Well, after reading this article you’ll know why.

1) You Get to Exercise Without Making Time for It

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Sure, you have to actually get on the bike and make plans to eat before and shower after, but with an upright exercise bike, or stationary bike, you can bring your work or entertainment to your exercise regime. On an outdoor bike, you can’t (safely) watch your favorite show on Netflix or catch up on emails. You probably do that anyway when you get home from work, so why not multitask while you do it and get some great health benefits? You kill two birds with one stone and be doubly productive if you do work or watch TV from a stationary bike.

2) It’s Gentle on Your Joints

Hitting the gym means lifting huge weights or running on the treadmill. If you have sensitive joints or want to maintain their integrity that might not sound appealing to you and so you forgo exercise. But fear not! Cycling with an upright exercise bike is incredibly gentle on the joints since you’re not adding your full weight or extra weight to them. You pedal with your legs only in a seated position, still working out key areas in your legs without putting pressure on your spine. It’s a great way to stay healthy without exacerbating any aches or pains associated with other exercises and cardio elements.

3) Indoor Cycling is 24/7, Year-Round Exercise

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“Oh, man, I can’t cycle today, it’s raining outside,” or, “oh no! It’s too late to safely bike around.” Don’t let inclement weather deter you from reaching your daily exercise goals since you’ll be shielded from the weather in your own home. You can cycle at midnight if that’s what you so choose, and don’t have to worry about being hit by a car or having to dodge foreign objects in the road. With an indoor cycling machine, you get all the health benefits from bicycling in the comfort of your own home. No more ponchos or reflective gear for you!

4) Cycling is Great for Your Heart

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Running is number one, but cycling is a close number two. Cycling works out your legs much like running does, so you get a similar cardio workout from the bike. Working out your heart is the best way to improve your heart rate and burn calories to offset obesity with weight loss, diabetes, heart disease, and other ailments. Increase your heart’s cardio-respiratory capacity, which is the ability to lose breath after exercise. The more you ride your bike, the easier it gets! And besides, cycling can be fun if you do it properly. So enjoy all the health benefits of exercise with the fun of it too.

5) Strengthen Important Muscle Groups

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As well as a strong heart rate, we all know those cyclists with killer thighs, but not many people know that cycling works other body groups as well. The core takes quite a beating as well, so you’ll get toned abs and obliques if you ride your bicycle on intense settings. Also, your back and arm muscles are worked as well. Therefore, cycling at the right intensity provides total body workouts that keep you in shape and looking great.

6) Helps Keep Weight Low

Of course, with any cardio and muscle working exercise, you’re bound to burn calories, thus losing weight. For an added kick that stops you from getting acclimated to your exercise, you can do high-intensity intervals interspersed with moderate workouts. That way, you get the added metabolism boost while not doubling over in exhaustion. It’s the exercise you need to keep your body slim and lean. By regularly exercising on an exercise bike (come rain or shine and no matter the time of day), you’re going to lose weight and keep it low, improving blood flow to your entire body and keeping you looking young.

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You don’t need potions and pills that claim to slow aging when exercise and sweat does it for free. Shed those extra pounds and keep them off by making any room in your house a gym—as long as it has an exercise bike.

7) Feel Good with a Release of Endorphins

What’s got you feeling great after an exercise and makes you want more? It’s actually feel-good neurochemicals, called endorphins. Exercise has a way of releasing endorphins in the brain that makes you feel pleasured and relaxed. Exercising not only improves your mood but can help stave off depression. Cycling can even help you quit smoking since the endorphins stave off the pleasure rush a cigarette gives in turn, thus making the smoker want a cigarette. That will definitely be a huge health benefit in itself!

So, when you’ve hit a low point during the week, hitting the exercise bike may be what you need to pull you out of the slump. It doesn’t require pills or anything other than some time, some workout clothes, and determination to feel great afterwards.

8) Increase Lung Capacity

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Even if you’ve never smoked a cigarette in your life, you can stand to have your lungs increase the amount of oxygen they hold. A good flow of oxygen in the bloodstream is what keeps you awake and alert in meetings, studying, working, or just going about your day. The more oxygen your lungs can hold and process that oxygen, the better off you’ll feel. By breaking a sweat and breath hard when you exercise on your bike, you’ll improve oxygen circulation around your body, feeling revitalized and invigorated. This will do a great deal of good in your productivity and personal relationships, so who wouldn’t want to get those results with only an exercise bike?

9) Boost Your Immune System

The immune system runs through the lymphatic system, which is basically a system of organs around your body that create antibodies that fight off illness, disease, and generally keep you healthy. However, the only way these antibodies can be distributed around the body is through the circulatory system, and what good can they do if you don’t get your heart pumping every once in a while? By getting a good workout, you can distribute your antibodies throughout your bloodstream and they can do a better job of keeping you healthy. A cycling session a day keeps the doctor away!

10) Live an Overall Longer Life

All these health benefits culminate into one thing: a longer life! A study from Dr. Chi Pen Wang and colleagues showed that, out of 400,000 people, those who exercised a minimum of 15 minutes a day lived 3 years longer than those who don’t. It’s a simple routine you can add to your life for real results and an exercise bike can make it that much easier!

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